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The International © delivers it's unique brand of independent reporting across the globe available in over fifty languages.


News, Business, Politics, Culture and Arts with Real Estate, Literature, Health Care, Science, Medicine, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Sports & Special Focus as frequent features.




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5 Star Review
5 Star Review

" Sophisticated debate that lets you question more."

" Unashamedly outspoken."

" Artisan cool with a buisness degree, you can't help but love it."

5 Star Review
5 Star Review

" London's Favorite Newspaper"

5 Star Review

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The International Press & Media Group's digital media provides a fast paced insight into a wide range of topics. Follow issues as they are covered and updated live, join in the debate with our joournalists and other subscribers.

The International's digital media package is available online, on your smart phone, tablet and many other devices.

Don't just read and watch what is going on around the world, join the debate.


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The International Press & Media Group produces Print and Digital Magazines covering a wide rage of current affairs with focuses on; Business, Politics, Science & Technology, Arts & Culture.



The International Press & Media Group produces Print and Digital Newspapers, daily and as special editions.

You will not only find The International Newspaper in stores but also thousands of Free Edition versions given away at Tube and Rail stations.

Covering a wider rage of affairs than The International Magazine at times, you will still find your favourite subjects, such as Business, Current Affairs, Politics, Science & Technology, Arts & Culture; along with; Real Estate, Fashion, Literature, Entertainment and Sports.

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