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AIAs | Annual International Awards

The International Press and Media Group | Annual Awards

Annual International Awards

The AIAs ("ayahs")


The International host the Annual International Awards each year in central London.


The awards are cross industry and celebrate the best the world has to offer from exquisite services, produce, venues to outstanding individual achievements.




The AIAs are an internationally recognised honour of outstanding achievement. The AIA (pronounced "ayah") statue is a hard earned symbol of achievement that only a select few ever have the honour of displaying.


AIA winners earn the right to use the credential in the same way you may with an OSCAR, BAFTA or Michelin-Star. Although the AIAs are in fact more difficult to achieve due to higher standards.

For e.g The Dorchester's Alain Ducasse restaurant has achieved three Michelin-Stars, but only one AIA.




AIA Grades


AIAs are awarded as GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE. Only one of each per category each year is awarded, however if no nominee meets the standard for the award, it may be that no award that year is given.


To achieve the GOLD award, the nominee must be voted by an international panel of both experts and members of the public as the best the world has to offer that year. Achieving the exclusive right to call themselves "Voted world number one".


The Process


To be considered for review all entrants must be nominated. You can not apply for consideration.

All nominees are reviewed by a panel of experts, with those who are accepted being added to the LONG LIST.

LONG LIST nominees are then invited to be reviewed by international experts.

Those who are reviewed earn the right to claim "AIA SHORT LISTED".


All AIA short list nominees have a review published internationally to millions of readers world wide.


Those who recieve a GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE AIA will have a follow up photo oportunity and professional interview with international journalists. This article is then published globally.






AIAs are arranged by industry, each industry will have a selection of carefully chosen categories and awards.


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