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Basic Bio

Name: Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said


Full Formal Name: HH Sahibzada Sheikh Qadi Dr. Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman bin Muhafiz bin Aladdin bin Al-Sarbani Al-Said


Countries of Residence: UK, Oman, UAE, South Africa, Spain


Cities of Residence: London, Muscat, Dubai, Johannesburg, Barcelona


Age: Born August 1988


Titles: HH, SahibZada, Qadi, Sheikh, Dr.


Accreditations: Doctorate in International Business Administration D.BA [H.C], Joint Honours Modern Languages & Linguistics JB [J.Hons], Bachelor's of Law LLB [Hons], Masters of Law LLM, Post Graduate Diploma in Employment Law PGD, Masters of Economics - Financial Theory MSc.




Office: HH Sheikh Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said is a Pashtun Sahibzada, businessman, artist and Sheikh of the Sultanate of Oman


Personal: Award winning corporate consultant, media tycoon, artist, published author, journalist, lawyer, swimmer and political figure.


Social Media:






Undergraduate Level: Quantum Mechanics, Mechanical Mathematics, Genetic Biology, Ecomonics & Business, Environmental Science, Psychology


Graduate Level: Law, Linguistics, Modern Languages


Postgraduate & Professional Level: Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Heath & Safety Law, Business Law, Human Rights Law, Immigration Law, Islamic Family Law, Real Estate Management, International Business Administration, Economics and Finance.

Corporate Career


Most well known as a businessman for kick-starting and rescuing struggling, as well as creating and optimising, multiple international corporations. Sheikh Shamsaldin Al-Said's business partners include: The Sultan of Oman "Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said", The Prime Minister of UAE and Emir of Dubai "Emir Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum" and Sheikha of Oman "Sheikha Saira bint Ahmed Al-Said".


Sheikh Al-Said has also carved out successful careers in journalism, art, economics, politics and law.


Sheikh Al-Said is a Qadi (Judge/Arbitrator) in Islamic Family Law for the Islamic Council of Great Britain.


Sheikh Al-Said guest lectures at universities and corporations around the world on a wide range of subjects primarily focused on business, law, economics and politics.


It is Sheikh Al-Said's ethics that brought his corporate career to the public light the "Al-Said Code" of ethics is the code of ethical guidelines used by newspapers and media companies all around the world today. Sheikh Al-Said lectures and trains on Ethical Business and Ethical Economics.



  • 2012 Artist of the year (Islamic Art)
  • 2013 Top 100 Entrepreneurs
  • 2013 Artist of the year (Islamic Art)
  • 2014 Success Against Adversity Award
  • 2014 Artist of the year (Islamic Art)
  • 2015 Who's Who, Top 500 most influential people you need to know
  • 2015 Recognition of Professional Contribution: Global Ethical Economics
  • 2016 Artist of the year (Islamic Art)
  • 2016 Recognition of Professional Contribution: Islamic Family Law
  • 2017 Artist of the year (Islamic Art)
  • 2017 Recognition of Professional Contribution: Ethical Media
  • 2017 Commendation of Global Humanitarian Support (NARCONON)



Owner of Dushmani Arts Sheikh Al-Said produces a moderate number of high-value art works per year. Specializing is cultural, religious and tribal arts particularly using Arabic and Cyrillic to form detailed and intricate scenery and animals composed entirely of calligraphy.


An original Sheikh Al-Said comes at a significant financial cost for even the smallest of works. (Figures all in Omani Rial)


In 2012 the average sale price for each piece was 1'500 OMR

In 2013 the average sale price for each piece was 2'500 OMR

In 2014 the average sale price for each piece was 4'000 OMR

In 2015 the average sale price for each piece was 5'500 OMR

In 2016 the average sale price for each piece was 12'500 OMR

In 2017 the average sale price for each piece was 15'000 OMR

(Rounded to the closest 100)


1 Omani Rial as of July 2017 is $2.60 USD



Sheikh Al-Said has featured in, contributed to, appeared on the covers of and produced a wide selection of newspapers, accademic papers, research papers, books, magazines and television shows around the world.

Modeling for several fashion and men's health magazines, advertisment campaigns and websites Sheikh Al-Said focuses mainly on contributing to television shows and magazines for: News, Documentaries, Politics, Economics, Art, Fashion, Commerce and Positive Thinking.

Novels and Publications


As well as writing many unique pieces for various websites and publications Sheikh Al-Said is the author of grammar and language guides, research papers and novels including:


English - Italian with Sicilian (a Lingual, Historic, Cultural & Political Education)

Covering an epic and uniquely three way education of the historic, linguistic, cultural and political make up of the Italian Republic.

First Published 2006 [Latest Edition: V. 3 Published 2009]


Sloboda ili Smrt

Truely moving and inspirational novel based on a true story. The journey takes us through war, persecution, torture, corruption, imprisonment, illness, injury, politics, religion, business and love to some of the most surprising of places. Highly charged at times, often unforgiving and alway emotional this novel will have you swinging from anger, tears, disbelief and upset page after page.

First Published in 5 languages 2012 [Latest Edition: V. 2 Due 2018]


"The Al-Said Standard" Code of Ethics

An internationally recognised code of ethics for media corporations. This code of ethics is used by media bodies around the world including some of the biggest names in media.

First Published in 15 languages 2012



Satirical and edgy sequel to Sloboda ili Smrt. Based on a true story Absurdistan follows the turbulent and often disturbing reality behind first wolrd glamour and success.

First Published in 7 languages 2015 [Latest Edition: V. 2 Due 2018]


A new era in orthopaedic surgery

Research paper regarding the 'episeal orthopaedic surgical technique'.

First Edition 2015, Updated 2017 [Used by: Al-Sahawat Times, Cambridge University, North Arizona University, City Link University]


Breaking the Zeitgeist

Thesis offering an alternative economic reform to eliminate povety, war and inequality from the world through a drastic and global reform of the way we value time, resources and the fiscal economy.

First Edition currently in production 2015 - 2017 [Published by Apple]


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ISSN: 2521-3431 (Online and Digital Editions)



Sheikh Al-Said has been heavily involved at times with political work supporting pisitive changes and social and ethical focused reforms. Often seen as a silent hand helping those in need without a voice. Sheikh Al Said has worked on a variety of projects from Estabilishing the importance of free and accessible education, to free and improved healthcare to environmental and agricultural, economic and judicial reforms.



Sheikh Al-Said aigns a very small number of autographs each year. All autographs are authenticated with a unique serial number.


All figures given in Omani Rial (As of July 2017 1 OMR is $2.60 USD)


In 2012 the average sale price for a Dr. Al-Said autograph was 5 OMR

In 2013 the average sale price for a Dr. Al-Said autograph was 10 OMR

In 2014 the average sale price for a Dr. Al-Said autograph was 15 OMR

In 2015 the average sale price for a Dr. Al-Said autograph was 25 OMR

In 2016 the average sale price for a Dr. Al-Said autograph was 40 OMR

In 2017 the average sale price for a Dr. Al-Said autograph was 60 OMR

Contact Info


All enquiries should be directed in writing to:*

*Please note that this is a staffed e-mail address and not directly managed by the named person.


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